Discover Zlatibor: Serbia's Golden Mountain Retreat

Welcome to the enchanting Zlatibor Mountain, a delightful showcase of nature in its purest form. As one of the most visited mountain retreats in the beautiful landscape of Serbia, Zlatibor effortlessly captivates and draws in visitors, leaving them charmed by its magnetic allure and undeniable beauty. With its inviting climate, breathtaking scenery, and a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be uncovered, Zlatibor promises an unforgettable retreat for every traveller.

Why Zlatibor Is a Must-Visit

Zlatibor, the "golden mountain", is a captivating blend of natural beauty and vibrant activity. Below, we highlight some top sights, making it a favoured destination for an unforgettable Serbian retreat.

  • Gostilje Waterfall
    One of Zlatibor's most beautiful and appealing natural wonders is Gostilje Waterfall, tucked away in the village of Gostilje. With its mighty and abundant waters cascading over a 15-meter cliff, it's considered one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in Serbia. It's an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers, offering stunning views and crystal-clear waters perfect for a refreshing dip from May to September.
  • Zlatibor Lake
    Zlatibor Lake, a natural masterpiece created thousands of years ago, is a major tourist magnet. Surrounded by stunning mountains and forests, it's a fantastic spot for relaxation and outdoor activities. Engage in fishing, swimming, boating, or bask in the sun on its sandy shores while savouring local delicacies at nearby restaurants.
  • Mokra Gora
    Mokra Gora, a mountain village between Tara and Zlatibor mountains, is home to the renowned Drvengrad or "Timber Town", created by the famous Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica. This village has hosted numerous Hollywood stars and offers a unique glimpse into traditional Serbian architecture and lifestyle. With the famous Šargan Eight railway nearby, visitors can enjoy mesmerizing mountain views and pristine landscapes during a delightful train ride.
  • Sirogojno Village
    Just 26 km from Zlatibor's centre, Sirogojno is a must-visit, showcasing the life of local families in yesteryears through the open-air museum "Staro Selo". Besides touring traditional log cabins, tourists can also spend a night in them to fully experience the village's charm and buy the famous Sirogojno sweaters known worldwide.
  • Dino Park
    Zlatibor's Dino Park is a family-friendly attraction dedicated to dinosaurs, featuring replicas, fossils, interactive workshops, a mini zoo, and more. It's a fantastic destination for kids and adults interested in palaeontology and Earth's history.
  • El Paso City
    Experience the Wild West in Serbia at El Paso City, a newly opened tourist centre near Dobroselica. With many attractions like a museum of antique weapons, horseshoe throwing, a rodeo, a horse riding club, and a western-themed restaurant, it promises an adventure-filled visit for families.
  • Accommodation Options
    Are you planning your stay at Zlatibor? Choose from luxury hotels and apartments, spacious villas with gardens, or serene houses and log cabins in Zlatibor villages tailored to your preference for a tranquil or lavish retreat.

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