Explore North Macedonia with Our Exclusive Private Tours

Travel in style with a private car and your very own driver-guide. Below, you can peek at some of our top private tours in North Macedonia. If those don't quite hit the mark, no worries! Contact us, and we'll create a perfectly tailored time just for you. Our team specializes in making custom tours that fit your vibe and interests. Plus, we promise top-notch services every step of the way.

Now, let's dive into North Macedonia, an incredible mix of old and new. You can explore it solo or hop on one of our tours. From peaceful lakes to lively markets, there are heaps to see. North Macedonia blends history, culture, and some seriously fantastic nature.

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Macedonia private tours

Tailor-Made Journeys through Historic Cities and Stunning Nature

  • Skopje
    Skopje, the capital, is like a history book. There's a big statue of Alexander the Great, an old market, and even a place dedicated to Mother Teresa. The city tells stories of past times with its bridges, old buildings, and museums.
  • Ohrid
    People call Ohrid the 'Jerusalem of the Balkans'. It's got old churches, an immense fortress, and an old theater. Remember, Lake Ohrid is one of Europe's oldest and deepest lakes. It's so unique that it's on the UNESCO list.
  • Bitola
    Bitola has some significant old buildings and ruins from when the Ottomans were around. There's a lively street called Shirok Sokak, where you can feel the local vibe. You can hang out in cafes and check out local markets, too.
  • Stobi
    At Stobi, you can immerse yourself in the remnants of Roman times. Think old theaters, churches, and excellent floor designs. It's like stepping back in history.
  • Mavrovo National Park
    If you love nature, Mavrovo is for you. It has thick forests, green fields, and a shiny lake. You can go hiking, skiing, or enjoy being outside.
  • Krushevo
    Krushevo is up in the mountains. It's known for a big event called the Ilinden Uprising. Walk its streets and see monuments that remind us of its history.
  • Matka Canyon
    Matka Canyon is a must-see. With tall cliffs, old churches, and a mysterious cave called Vrelo, there's a lot to do. You can even kayak or hike to get the best views.
  • Prilep
    Prilep is famous for its tobacco and beer. But there's more to see, like the Marko's Towers and a church called Treskavec Monastery. It's a mix of pretty sights and old stories.
  • Strumica
    Strumica is known for farming. But it also has waterfalls, hot springs, and a fun carnival every year.

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