Serbia Escorted Tours: A Blend of Balkan Charm and European Elegance

Experience Serbia through our Escorted Tours, blending Balkan charm with European elegance. Dive into its rich history and varied terrains, from serene northern plains to the mesmerizing Djerdap gorge. With our expert guides and well-crafted itineraries, discover Serbia's immeasurable beauty. Our tours balance immersive exploration with relaxation. Trust in our guides to enrich your journey and connect with fellow travelers. In Serbia, every turn promises inspiration and charm.

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Serbia escorted tours

Discover Serbia: Must-Visit Destinations 

  • Belgrade
    Dive deep into Serbia's vibrant capital, Belgrade. Nestled between the Sava and Danube rivers, it's a treasure trove of culture and history. There's always something to see from the majestic Kalemegdan fortress to the animated Skadarlija and the city's festive year-end celebrations.
  • Novi Sad
    Stand atop the Petrovaradin Fortress and soak in expansive views. Just a stone's throw away, Sremski Karlovci invites with its delightful wine cellars, while the peaceful monasteries of Fruska Gora whisper tales of ancient times.
  • Topola
    Experience Topola, the symbolic center of the Karadjordjevic royal lineage. Engage with its rich history and enjoy the local wine culture.
  • Studenica Monastery
    Representing Serbia's medieval glory, Studenica showcases strong walls, prized possessions, and intricate murals that tell stories of the past.
  • Subotica
    Close to the Hungarian border, Subotica showcases preserved Art Nouveau architecture. Dominated by the iconic town hall, the serene Lake Palic nearby offers relaxation.
  • Fruska Gora
    Wander through Fruska Gora, where nature and heritage coexist. Discover ancient monasteries and taste traditional wines in this lush region.
  • Nis
    Explore Nis, one of Europe's oldest cities. Unearth its Roman roots at Mediana and reflect on the history behind the significant Skull Tower.
  • Zlatibor
    Delight in the peaceful atmosphere of Zlatibor mountain. Its landscapes, dotted with small villages, traditional wooden churches, and calm lakes, promise a refreshing break.
  • Tara National Park
    Dive into the pristine nature of Tara National Park. Dense woodlands, clear lakes, and a rich ecosystem await nature enthusiasts.

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