A Lesson in Nature and Gastronomy – Slovenia Escorted Tour

Slovenia is a country that offers a unique take on the whole European tour concept. Unlike visiting cities like France or Italy, this country offers a peek into the less explored and, therefore, untouched natural territories.

However, that is only the tip of the iceberg because Slovenia is also a place to enjoy an old and diverse culture, historical locations and special gastronomical experiences. Choosing a Slovenia escorted tour allows you to enjoy this beautiful country to the fullest. In the guidance of a professional tour director, you get to see Slovenia from the eyes of a native and enjoy it like a tourist.

Key Destinations

A typical Slovenia escorted tour will take you to many different locations with luxury accommodations and services. You start in Venice or the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, which is one of the greenest capitals in all of Europe. The trip takes you to many beautiful locations with historic importance like Postojna, Piran, Goriska Brda, Portoroz, Bled, Soca Valley, and Bohinj. Each location has its own specialty and you explore not only the local culture and architecture but also the cuisine that has a lot of diversity and attraction, even for people with mature palates.

Slovenia escorted tour

Included Services

Slovenia escorted tour offers the best of the best services which include first-class accommodations with private facilities, transfers from the airport, luggage handling, air-conditioned travel arrangements and more. The tour contains audio guides as well, so you do not miss any details about each historic location that you visit. The tour director is a highly experienced and knowledgeable individual who accompanies you through the whole tour. You also get recommendations and tips to make sure your trip is enjoyable and hassle-free from start to finish. The service also covers all service charges, entrance fees to key locations and multiple sightseeing expeditions. Your breakfast is covered by the tour company every day and you also get two dinners as part of your package.

Traditional Slovenian food

Points to Remember

Slovenia escorted tour is typically done in the form of a group so you will be meeting up with fellow group members at the starting point (Venice or Ljubljana). The tour requires a lot of movement so make sure you are up for an adventure like this before booking. The trip also includes going over stairs and uphill climbs so wheelchair travelers may not be able to make the trip. Make sure you keep all your travel documents in order so you are not denied entry at any point where documents may be required. The tour has a preset timetable that is not subject to changes.

Slovenia Escorted Tour, Escorted Tour to Slovenia

Explore Hidden Treasures

Slovenia may seem like a small country in the Balkans but is filled with an endless treasure of natural beauty, history, culture, and great wine and dine. You may be tempted to look away and opt for some other famous spot, but this is an opportunity you do not want to miss at any cost! The countless hidden treasures of this country await your arrival and when you do come here, you will thank us for sure! Opt for your Slovenia escorted tour right away and every single penny you spend find its worth!


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