Four unique private tours in the Balkans you cannot miss

The Balkans are a perfect destination to be explored on a private tour. We know the people, know the local culture, and know the traditions and history of the places. On a private tour, you will have a rich and immersive experience that you just would not get on your own. Furthermore, we can assure you that you will not need another vacation after coming home from a private tour of the Balkans.
We created a list of the top 4 private tours in the Balkan peninsula, so have a look and explore what the region has to offer. Then, all you have to do is to choose a customized Balkan private tour that will spark your interest, and we will take care of the rest.

Private tour of a country with the word love in its name – sLOVEnia

Explore the country nestled between the Mediterranean Sea, the majestic Alps, and the diverse Pannonian plain. Slovenia is one of the greenest countries in Europe, with more than half of the country covered with forests and parks. On this private tour, you will discover all its attractions, meet friendly locals, and enjoy delicious local specialties.
Ljubljana’s capital city will charm you with its history and entertainment in the Old Town. You will explore the underground karst world in Postojna cave. On this private tour, you will also get a chance to visit one of the most magnificent Alpine glacial valleys in Europe – Logarska Valley.
You will get immersed with the shepherds on top of a karstified mountain plateau Velika Planina. Then, one of the days, we will ride around Lake Bled and taste the world-famous cream cake ‘kremsnita’. Last but not least we will visit the seaside and explore everybody’s favourite Slovenian coastal city Piran.

Exploration of cultural and natural heritage with the UNESCO private tour

The Balkan peninsula is a region with precious cultural, natural, and historical sites. Only in the Western Balkans, there are seventeen UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you want to visit extraordinary places, the UNESCO Highlights private tour is the right private tour. We will visit the Austrian capital, Vienna, symbolized by the most attractive Viennese palace, the Schönbrunn Palace. In Slovenia, you will have the chance to admire the natural phenomenon of the Skocjan caves, which will make you feel like you are on another planet.
You will have the opportunity to admire the power of nature with its mighty stalagmites, stalactites, tunnels, and halls. Another natural UNESCO site on this private tour is the Croatian National Park Plitvice, which was recognized for its terraced lakes, interconnected by breathtaking waterfalls.
Continuing the private tour in Croatia you will walk the streets of Trogir, where you will feel the mix of cultures that once ruled the city. From Ancient Greeks, the Roman Empire, the Venetians, the Habsburgs, and Germans. However, the highlight of the private tour is the historic walled city Dubrovnik.

City hopping in central and southeast Europe

Ease yourself in the Balkans with a relaxed start in Ljubljana – the capital of Slovenia and the Green Capital of Europe in 2016. Then, we will make the overland journey across inland Slovenia and Croatia to its capital city Zagreb.
The old town, the Cathedral, the main Ban Jelačič square, the open market, the lively Tkalčič street, will give you a good introduction to the city.  On this private tour, we will also explore Serbia’s capital, Belgrade – a hub of history, culture and the river rafts. You can immerse yourself in the fascinating cultural fusions of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital – Sarajevo.
Enjoy some free time in the famous oriental old town ‘Baščaršija’ and try some local food or shop for some handicrafts. Not to be missed is the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica and the capital of Macedonia, Skopje.
Join us and explore the Balkan Peninsula on ourGrand Balkan Private Tour

Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro private tour

On this private tour, we will discover the centre of the Balkans with warm and friendly people, different cultures, authentic cuisine, unspoiled nature, and the turquoise Adriatic Sea. We will start our trip in the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade.
Due to its location, Belgrade once was an intersection between east and west, north and south. You will have a chance to explore the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Habsburg Monarchy, as well as the political and cultural capital of Serbian Vojvodina, Sremski Karlovci.
Novi Sad will convince you with its Petrovaradin fortress, the most important city landmark, which the Austrians built, to protect the city against the Turk.
In Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will see the dominance of the Ottoman style of mosques, complemented by Catholic cathedrals, Jewish synagogues, and Turkish Bazaars. Finally, the private tour will guide us to the jewel of the Adriatic Sea – Dubrovnik.
In the Republic of Montenegro, we will drive alongside the beautiful Bay of Kotor, the longest and deepest fjord in Southern Europe. In Plitvice National Park in Croatia, you will walk among the waterfalls, take a boat ride through the crystal water, and take some magnificent photos.

Not sure which tour is perfect for you? Why not send us a message, we will be happy to work with you to take care of your unique needs. Join us!

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