Goriska Brda - a province known for wine and cherries

Slovenia hides a lot of pearls that few people know. Goriska Brda is just an example of such a “forgotten” pearl, slowly regaining its tourist importance. Goriska Brda lies right on the border with Italy. The landscape is hilly, which is also a great feature. For all those who are nature lovers, Goriska Brda is a real feast for the eyes and soul.

Cherry Festival in Goriska Brda

The Goriska Brda hills are famous for being overgrown with sweet cherries. Almost every plant grows well in the Goriska Brda. The most important is, of course, cherries, which were famous even in Vienna, and Brda women went to sell them throughout Slovenia. Today, the fruit of Goriska Brda reigns in all markets, and even boasts its own brand, called the Fruit of Goriška Brda. However, even though the hills are famous for their cherries, peaches represent the largest fruit share produced in the Goriska Brda. Of course, the most important thing connected to cherries is the Cherry Festival, which brings together several different events. It attracts over three thousand visitors and offers a variety of events.

Goriska Brda is famous for its excellent wines

Goriska Brda is very well known with wine connoisseurs. This is because the wines have always been grown in the hills, and today the Brda vineyards cover a total of around 1,800 hectares. The most famous wines from Brda barrels are Tokaj, Rebula, Cabernet, Red Merlot, Sauvignon, Pinot, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. The hills produce top quality wines, so a glass of any is simply a must when we are in these places.Slovenia Goriska Brda

Goriska Brda – what to see

In Gonjace, you climb the lookout tower, which is the central point of Brda, and when the weather is nice, the view from there is simply beautiful. However, for those who are a bit calmer and more romantic, a visit to the Renaissance mansion in Dobrovo merely is a must. The building is a museum and has a wine cellar in the basement. In addition, there is a restaurant and a hunting room on the ground floor, and on the first floor, there is the Knight’s Hall, which offers a home to many cultural events.Goriska BrdaEven the beautiful little white churches are worth a visit. Only two of them are the Church of the Holy Cross in Kojsko and the Church of Mary on the Lake in Goli Brdo. In Vipolze, we find the Hunting Palace of the Counts of Gorizia, and Smartno shows us the traditional architecture of the old Mediterranean villages.Discover Goriska Brda on a self-guided journey. We invite you to be the hero of your own adventure, and explore Goriska Brda your way. Get in touch with us, and let us help you plan the perfect trip.

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