Kravice Waterfall: Surrender to Nature's Charm

Nestled in the southern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kravice Waterfall lies on the Trebizat River, not far from the captivating town of Mostar. Formed over time by the flowing Trebizat River, it's arguably the most stunning waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina, if not in the entire Balkan region. The waterfall has a height of about 25 meters, with a pool at its base stretching 120 meters in diameter.

Seasons at Kravice: From Lush Summers to Romantic Autumns

Take a look around. Summer is the perfect time to visit, as the landscape turns green and the waterfall is at its fullest, providing an immersive experience for visitors. Come autumn, Kravice becomes a cosy romantic spot, an ideal setting for lovebirds and even proposals. Known as a "heaven on earth", it is a popular swimming destination in the summer. With no direct car access to the waterfall, there's parking provided at the entrance.

A well-paved yet somewhat steep path leads to the waterfall, with benches alongside for resting. The local restaurants offer a range of grilled and fish dishes at reasonable prices; all served with beautiful views of the water.

Legacy of Kravice: From Historic Mills to Film Sets

In days gone by, the falls' power was used to run numerous mills grinding grain. While the mills are no longer active, the area gained fame as the filming location for the 1966 Yugoslavian film "Orlovi Rano Lete".

Adventures at Kravice: Cycling, Camping, and Canoeing

A walk towards Kravice Waterfall promises surrendering to nature's allure, rejuvenating the soul, and a delightful relaxing ambience. Besides walking, the area buzzes with cyclists and campers during the summer, offering canoe rides and the exhilarating experience of swimming in the divine waters.

Growing in popularity, Kravice continues to charm visitors from neighbouring and distant countries, with considerable efforts channelled to maintain its pristine condition. While night swimming is prohibited, visitors can witness the breathtaking spectacle of the waterfall illuminated by LED lights.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a land of splendid beauty, with Kravice being one of its stellar attractions. We hope your travels bring you this way. Surrender to nature's charm; it invariably has special surprises for everyone. Embark on discovering the new, relish in the magnificent landscapes, and rejuvenate your spirit at Kravice Waterfall.

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