Lovcen's Historic Landmark: The Njegos Mausoleum

Situated at a breathtaking altitude of 1,657 meters on Jezerski vrh, the Njegos Mausoleum is Lovćen's most monumental and significant site. This majestic tomb is the final resting place of a crucial figure in Montenegrin history, Petar II Petrovic Njegos (1813-1851). Beyond his roles as bishop and metropolitan, Njegos was an extraordinary poet, with his magnum opus, Gorski Vijenac, celebrated as a masterpiece in Slavic literature. Njegos wasn't just a political and cultural icon; his charismatic aura touched everyone, leaving a lasting impression. While he wished to be laid to rest in a chapel he constructed, destiny had other plans. After World War I damage, his remains were moved to Lovcen's peak.

Building a Mausoleum

In commemorating the centenary of Njegoš's death in 1951, a decision was made to erect a mausoleum at the initial tomb's location. The renowned Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic spearheaded the design despite criticisms primarily because Mestrovic had never set foot on Lovcen before. The construction spanned five years, with marble in abundant use.

Njegos Mausoleum: A Scenic Adventure Waiting

Lovcen National Park and the Njegoš Mausoleum collectively form one of Montenegro's must-visit attractions, accessible by either car or foot, based on your preference. For those opting to drive, the scenic yet twisting 13-km road from Cetinje, Montenegro's old capital, to Lovćen is ideal. Visitors approach the mausoleum via a narrow asphalt road, with a restaurant, ticket office, and souvenir shop on a preceding plateau. Here, you can grab your ticket to delve into the heritage of Petar II Petrovic Njegos and understand his 19th-century rule. Prepare for a hike, though, as 461 stone steps lead you from the plateau to the mausoleum, part of which navigates through a uniquely designed, well-lit tunnel. At the summit of these steps, you'll be greeted by the mausoleum entrance, flanked by two imposing granite statues. Upon reaching the top, on a clear day, you will be rewarded with breathtaking scenic views encompassing half of Montenegro, parts of Albania and Croatia, and even Italy. These panoramic vistas are not only a testament to the geographical splendour of the region but also highlight the spectacular and unforgettable experience awaiting every visitor.

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