The choice between a Croatia cruise, private tour, and escorted tour

Game of Thrones, World Cup runner-up, amazing blue waters, and beaches make Croatia a preferred choice amongst modern tourists. One must not miss this destination and add it to every bucket list.

However, sometimes, it may be a dilemma to choose between cruising, escorted tours, and private tours for guests in Croatia to make the most of their trip. This edition broke down the various advantages of cruising, private tours, and escorted tours.

Croatia Cruise and its advantages

Cruises offer great value for your vacation in Croatia. Every Euro or Dollar you spend on a cruise is worth the cent. Cruises in Croatia are famous for the value and comfort they offer. It is also a way for the entire family to bond, explore, and relax simultaneously.

One of the most significant advantages of cruising is that the fares include nearly everything you’ll need for a fantastic trip. Great food, accommodations, different activities, and transportation between travel destinations are all included in the one price you pay.
When enjoying yourself on a Croatia cruise, you unpack once. There is no need to move to repack and unpack your bag because your sleeping arrangements never change. You don’t have to ruin your suitcase by dragging it across cobbled stone paths.

The best part is you get sea, sun, and sand nearly at your toes 24/7. Traveling over water vs. overland is also soothing unless you suffer from seasickness.
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Advantages of private tours

Private tours are the way to go if you want freedom of choice and flexibility. Private tours have flexible itineraries for your interests, needs, and budget. So you decide where to go, when, and where to stay.
Another advantage of a private tour is that it consists of people you love. It is only you and your family or friends. Especially convenient if you are traveling with kids or older people.

It is called a private tour because you get your own personal and comfortable car with your driver, who is always ready to transfer you to the next destination. You can choose your restaurants, and the tour guide can offer a recommendation. The choice of restaurants is up to you. We recommend you try some local delicacies when traveling in the Balkans.

In terms of the tours themselves, private tours can save you some time as you don’t want other participants on the tour to move at your own pace. It is also possible for your tour guide to organize all tickets and entrance fees in advance, thus saving you additional time.
In case of any emergency, you always have a local guide with you, helping you take care of situations quickly and without a headache.
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Why choose escorted tours

When choosing a new destination for vacation, or you want to relax and rejuvenate, an escorted tour is often the best option.
From start to finish, an escorted tour is carefully crafted by experts to ensure you see all the landmarks and experience everything the country has to offer.

During an escorted tour, you also have time to make sure you can enjoy some shopping, a great cup of coffee, or just reading.
On an escorted tour, you can sit back and relax, knowing experts have taken care of your every need. Because experts take care of all arrangements prior, it is more accessible for the guest to focus on the tour and have peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about anything except taking amazing travel photos.

Your transportation and accommodation are also taken care of with utmost care. A smart and packed tour schedule helps keep you entertained active and make the most of your precious time.
When choosing an escorted tour, you can rest assured that you have a great deal. Since you are traveling as a group, the tour agency can negotiate group discounts and pass on your savings.

It is also delightful to travel with other like-minded travelers. Often, you will make friends for a lifetime and go on future adventures together.
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