Ulcinj & Velika Plaza: Exploring Montenegro's Enchanting Coastal Duo

Embark on a journey to the southeastern tip of Montenegro's breathtaking coastal riviera, just a whisper away from the Albanian border. This region unfolds the charm of Ulcinj and Velika Plaza, its nearby beach that is a spectacle of nature and a haven for various delightful activities.

Ulcinj: A Tapestry of History and Charm

 This ancient town is a mosaic of cultural influences, with its stone walls, narrow streets, and vibrant squares narrating tales of Illyrians, Ottomans, and Venetians. The town exudes an irresistible charm, drawing tourists from around the globe to explore its historical allure intertwined with modern tourism facilities. Here, visitors can step back in time, indulge in a palette of local and international cuisines, and engage in a slew of recreational activities the town offers.

Velika Plaza: Under the Bright Adriatic Sun

A stone's throw away from Ulcinj, the majestic Velika plaža (Long Beach) extends its sandy canvas, enchanting every visitor with its sheer size and natural allure. Spanning approximately 13 km in length and averaging 50 meters in width, this haven is not just Montenegro's largest. Still, it is also a contender for one of the largest along the captivating Adriatic. Velika plaza isn't merely about its grand scale. With its sand endowed with a generous mix of salt, and iodine, it serves as a therapeutic escape for both children and adults alike.

Riding the Waves: Velika Plaza's Water Sports Paradise

Amidst this captivating backdrop, the Velika plaža stands out as an adrenaline enthusiast's dream, especially for those enamoured with surfing, sailing, and kitesurfing. Thanks to favourable winds and a well-developed infrastructure supporting these thrilling water sports, it's no wonder Velika plaza has earned its spot as one of the Mediterranean's most attractive surf destinations. As sunlight brightens the day, illuminating the deep blue sea with its vibrant rays, Velika plaza invites kitesurfers from around the globe to dance with the winds from May to October. With the mistral winds whispering through at speeds between 5-10m/s, this beach is a canvas of natural beauty and a playground for those eager to surf its expanses for hours, riding the energy of the wind with a kite as their partner.

Ulcinj and its pristine beaches, notably the stunning Velika plaza, offer an unparalleled experience for every kind of traveller. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both, this splendid coastal town caters to all, providing memorable moments and the promise of a delightful stay with each visit. From the tranquil mornings to the breathtaking sunsets, every hour spent here is a treasure, beckoning you to discover the magic within its borders. So, pack your bags and let Ulcinj's charm whisk you to a holiday you'll cherish forever.

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