Unveiling the Enigma: The Bosnian Pyramids

Pyramids in Bosnia? Something that would, at best, evoke a tolerant smile, most often a mocking or even arrogant comment. Until recently. Now, dismissing it out of hand is no longer fashionable. More and more respected experts, archaeologists, Egyptologists, physicists, geologists... and global media outlets like History Channel and National Geographic have come to Visoko, where these pyramids are located. It is easily accessible by road, around 30 km northwest of Sarajevo's capital.

The Proponent: Semir Osmanagic's Dedication to the Cause

Semir Osmanagic has devoted all his efforts, including financial resources, to the research of pyramids. He serves as the director of the Foundation for the Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun and the Center for Anthropology and Archaeology at the American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Additionally, Osmanagic is a member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences with thirty years of experience studying pyramids. He holds two degrees in political science and economics from the University of Sarajevo, and he earned his doctorate with a thesis asserting that the Mayan civilization predates the Olmec and had contact with Chinese civilization.

A Wave of Skepticism: The Global Reaction

In the immediate aftermath of the "announcement" that there might be pyramids in Visoko, a wave of protests was unleashed against him. Petitions from world and Bosnian intellectuals began circulating, calling for an immediate halt to the research because Osmanagić and his team were "ridiculing the country."

Media & Controversies: Different Views & Narratives

History Channel has published several reports about the "phenomenon in Visoko." Even National Geographic, one of the first global media outlets to report on the possibility of pyramids in Bosnia, sparked additional controversy with the documentary in which two experts claimed that the mounds were again of natural origin.

Challenging Historical Dogmas: The Science Behind the Claims

In short, the "Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko," whose research is covered by the nonprofit and non-political organization Foundation for the Archaeological Park, is becoming a boiling point and intersection of two streams of science - the traditional and the one that allows the blasphemous thought that perhaps the history of the human race needs some refreshing. Those historical textbooks will need to be rewritten because of the possible pyramid complex in Visoko and an increasing number of archaeological findings that do not align with the dogmas of official human history.

Where We Stand: The Ongoing Debate

Ultimately, the Bosnian pyramids remain a subject of great debate, controversy, and fascination in the scientific community. While some experts dismiss Osmanagić's claims, others find the evidence intriguing and believe further research is warranted. What is clear is that these structures, whether natural or man-made, have captured the imagination of people worldwide.

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