Have the best Balkan holiday: the advantages of Balkan escorted tours

The distinguished cultural, natural, ethnic, historical, religious, social and political diversity of the Balkans makes it an unforgettable travel experience.

The Balkan Peninsula consists of ten-and-a-half countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and the European part of Turkey. These countries are each imbued with their own distinct culture. This is not just a mixture of former Yugoslav countries and their neighbors—each of these countries is a thriving hub.

Balkan Escorted Tours

While visiting you can enjoy and experience cobblestoned streets, fairy-tale forests, wine regions, medieval towns, sandy beaches, ancient ruins, cosmopolitan capitals, old bazaars, almost definitely haunted castles, and over a thousand islands. Rocky mountains and terracotta towns plunge spectacularly into the Adriatic Sea along the coastlines, whilst inland, ominous mountain peaks are made for hiking and biking. Urban landscapes are dotted with ancient architecture on a grand scale, featuring winding Ottoman streets, Austro-Hungarian villas and the occasional communist concrete block.

Balkan Escorted Tours

For the traveler who wishes to see it all, this is the perfect vacation to explore the Balkans. However, for a travel novice one of the biggest difficulties for Balkan travel is finding reliable information on timetables, costs, and points of departure. Information online is hard to come by and even then, can’t be trusted. This all can be daunting and stressful. But there is a simple option for all those who like to travel in style and comfort, and at the same time see the highlights of the Balkan. Want to see The Balkans during one two-week swoop? Well, Balkan escorted tours will enable you to see all the main attractions and landscapes all within one fortnight.

What are the advantages of Balkan escorted tours?

When selecting a new travel spot for your next vacation to vacation, or when you wish to relax and get rid of stress and worries, an escorted tour is often the best option. From the beginning to the end, an escorted tour is designed by tourist experts, which ensure to give you the best experience in a region. They will make sure to create a plan to cover all the landmarks and attractions in the destination. On an escorted tour, you can sit back and relax, knowing experts have taken care of your every need. Here are some of the advantages of escorted tours:

  1. Stress and Hassle Free. With a travel company making all the arrangements for the tour, you’ll save the time and energy it takes to research and plans a vacation. The escorted tour provider will arrange all the necessary elements: logistics, accommodation, tour schedule, tickets to attractions, food, and safety.
  2. Exclusive Experiences. The tour company partners with local guides who are intimately familiar with the local environment. They know the hidden gems and the locations make for a rich, authentic experience. They also know the stories of each landmark and the history of the region. On an escorted tour you will get an experienced tour leader to steer you towards the best local activities
  3. Safety. Vacationers often run into problems – lost luggage, overflowing hotel room toilets, stolen wallets, etc. In the likelihood of such catastrophes, tour guides are on hand to help them. An escorted tour gives you a sense of comfort with making sure to inform you about areas of the city to avoid, what the real tourist traps are and whether you really are getting a good deal on your souvenir shopping.
  4. Creating new friendships. There are possibilities that you will meet new people, that have similar interests to yours and sharing these experiences with others can create a lifelong bond.
  5. Transparent travel cost structure. As all the costs are bundled into the fare you will know the total cost before the trip starts. If there are any costs not covered, you will know these in advance and be able to bring the right amount of money with you

Balkan Escorted Tours

What can I visit on a Balkan escorted tours?

The best places to visit in the Balkans depends on your travel interests. Croatia has a breathtaking coastline and more than a thousand islands in the Adriatic. Bosnia, on the other hand, has only a few kilometers of shore but makes up for the lack of space with mountains, rivers, and canyons. There’s a rich history here too with Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Yugoslavian influences as well as one or two Kingdoms. On a broader Balkan trip, consider Serbia, Montenegro, and Slovenia. Albania is worth visiting too. Favorites include Macedonia’s Skopje and Lake Ohrid, Montenegro’s Bay of Kotor, Serbia’s Nis and, of course, Belgrade, Bosnia’s Sarajevo and Mostar, and Croatia’s Dubrovnik.

If you prefer traveling in style in a private car with your own private driver-guide, you should definitely check out one of the best private tours in the Balkans.

Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Montenegro Private tour

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